What We Do

Natural Gas Systems

REI Process has wide experience in natural gas processing, dehydration, dewpoint control and fuel gas conditioning. We can provide all the equipment and expertise you need to:

  • Control hydrocarbon and water dewpoints or cricondentherm.
  • Recover, separate and stabilise condensate.
  • Remove and liquefy CO2.
  • Control methane number, compress and condition gas for a reliable fuel supply.

Our processing packages are custom engineered for onshore or offshore, sweet or sour gases, clean liquids or waxy, tarry condensates, glycol or PSA dehydration, glycol or methanol hydrate suppression, pressures to 10 MPag (1,500 psig, 100 bar) and higher. It does not matter what your requirements are, or the scale of your project, REI Process has the solution you need.

We provide either complete skid mounted packages or a range of services to enable our gas treatment system to be incorporated into a larger package.