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Fabrication Locations

Worldwide Fabrication Partners:

REI Process has the flexibility to fabricate packages worldwide using prequalified fabrication partners. These workshops have the capability, capacity and experience to fabricate to the exacting standards and specifications of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industrials, and operate under the direct supervision of REI Process staff. Our fabrication partners are located in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India and South Korea.

In-house fabrication – STS Oman & UAE

Being part of the STS Group of Companies, REI Process can also offer a complete in-house fabrication solution through the STS specialized fabrication workshops in the Middle East.

The STS workshops located in Oman and the UAE are well equipped with state-of-the-art fabrication & welding machinery and material handling equipment. Workshop facilities include heavy fabrication bays, vessel fabrication shops, machine shops, areas dedicated to exotic materials welding and aluminium welding.

STS have covered fabrication areas in excess of 24,500 sqare metres with effective fabrication height of up to 10.5 m under hook and single lift crane capacity of 100 tons. This includes 3,000 square metres of covered maintenance shop to cater to pump maintenance, machining and valve repair and testing.

Workshop Operations are certified to ISO 9001 Quality management system and shops are approved by most major Oil & Gas , Refinery & Petrochemical companies globally.

STS Workshop Facilities