What We Do



Our qualified personnel can provide training on process, mechanical, electrical, PLC operation, maintenance and hazardous area safety requirements, either at our premises or at your site. Training can be combined with site commissioning visits or arranged on a stand-alone basis.

Spare Parts

Lifetime spare parts support is an integral part of our client service commitment. Should a component part for an REI Process unit become unavailable from the original supplier, we will provide an alternative and include installation instructions.


Our staff can provide specialist advice to assist you to optimise new projects, plant expansions, process upgrades and change of refrigerant for environmental or process reasons.

Site Commissioning

REI Process equipment is designed by qualified engineers for simple site installation. We can provide site installation supervision and commissioning from our team of our process, mechanical, electrical and PLC engineers and technicians.


We can provide teams of engineers and technicians for specialised support and compressor overhauls during tightly scheduled maintenance shutdowns.

Refrigerant Changeover

Due to the stepwise phasing out of high GWP refrigerants in the next decade, many existing refrigeration packages using these refrigerants will require a changeover to a more environmental friendly refrigerant.

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